Table 2 Phenotypic analysis of specific histone H3 and histone H4 mutants
Phenotypes of Strains Obtained from the Histone Mutant LibraryaPhenotypes of Strains in Which Histone Mutants Are Expressed from Plasmidsa
Histone14°Caff.Form.HU14°Caff.Form.HUPhenotypes, Dai et al.b
H4-R36A5012130202Cs, HUs
  • a Phenotypes were scored based on data obtained from spot tests similar to those shown in Figure 3. Refer to the text for a description of the difference between the two sets of strains indicated here.

  • b See Dai et al. (2008) and Huang et al. (2009). The only phenotypes considered here are cold-sensitivity (scored at 16°) and HU-sensitivity conferred by the indicated mutants when integrated into the genome and/or expressed from a plasmid. Dai et al. (2008) did not score for caffeine or formamide sensitivity.

  • c Growth was scored on a scale of 5 to 0, with 5 indicating robust growth similar to that seen in wild-type cells and 0 indicating no detectable growth.