Table 1 Data sets included in the combined data set and their sample sizes
Sample Size
Data Set NameOriginal Data SetMS5795aMS5547bMS5435cObtained FromReference(s)
HGDP-CEPH10481046966947Rosenberg laboratoryRosenberg et al. 2002, 2005; Ramachandran et al. 2005
Native American436418363338Rosenberg laboratoryWang et al. 2007
Latino249246244241Dataset S1 ofWang et al. 2008
Wang et al. (2008)
Jewish80797977Rosenberg laboratoryKopelman et al. 2009
Asian Indian432430430430Rosenberg laboratoryRosenberg et al. 2006
Chha Gaam Patel (CGP)d249 (203)203185180Rosenberg laboratoryPemberton et al. 2012
Pacific Islander936847756709F. Friedlaender andFriedlaender et al. 2008
J. Friedlaender
African2561252625242513Supplement of Tishkoff et al. (2009)Tishkoff et al. 2009
Chimpanzee84848484Dataset S1 ofBecquet et al. 2007
Becquet et al. (2007)
  • a MS5795 and MS5879 represent the complete combined-human and combined-human–chimpanzee data sets, respectively, and they include intra-population relative pairs.

  • b MS5547 and MS5631 are constructed from MS5795 and MS5879, respectively, by the removal of a member of every intra-population first-degree relative pair (Table S21).

  • c MS5435 and MS5519 are constructed from MS5547 and MS5631, respectively, by the removal of a member of every intra-population second-degree relative pair (Table S22).

  • d Some Gujarati individuals were included in both the Rosenberg et al. (2006) and Pemberton et al. (2012) studies. The number of unique individuals included from the CGP data set is given in parentheses.