Table 1 GO molecular functions significantly overrepresented in dinucleotide microsatellite containing genes
GOMFIDaTermNumber of Genes in TermbNumber Expected by ChanceNumber With Mature Dinucleotide RepeatsP-Valuec
GO:0043565Sequence-specific DNA binding61412.4260.0003
GO:0033130Acetylcholine receptor binding30.120.0012
GO:0000014Single-stranded DNA specific endodeoxyribonuclease activity40.120.0024
GO:0022838Substrate-specific channel activity3917.9170.0025
GO:0005097Rab gtpase activator activity51150.0035
GO:0022803Passive transmembrane transporter activity4068.2170.0037
GO:0003828Alpha-N-acetylneuraminate alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase activity50.120.0039
GO:0022836Gated channel activity3076.2140.0039
GO:0030695Gtpase regulator activity4108.3170.0041
GO:0019899Enzyme binding51810.4200.0043
GO:0031404Chloride ion binding771.660.0046
GO:0005244Voltage-gated ion channel activity1893.8100.0051
GO:0003700Transcription factor activity96119.4310.0066
GO:0019904Protein domain specific binding3296.6140.0071
GO:0035258Steroid hormone receptor binding390.840.0076
GO:0046872Metal ion binding418984.41040.0079
GO:0016018Cyclosporin A binding70.120.008
GO:0030169Low-density lipoprotein binding210.430.0082
GO:0043167Ion binding429086.51060.0084
  • GO, Gene Ontology.

  • a Genes associated with each of these GO terms are listed in Table S1.

  • b Some genes are cross listed in multiple terms. For example, genes included in the specific category “metal ion binding” are also counted in the general category “binding.”

  • c Only significant enrichments (P < 0.01) are listed in this table.