Table 4 Allele composition of bulk segregant pools based on individual PCR and pooled microarray hybridization
PopulationScaffoldPositionMap Marker ClusterPCR-based Proportion N. vitripennisArray-based Proportion N. vitripennisMap Markers within 100 kb
  • A mutant N. vitripennis strain (st-318,mm) was crossed with a wild-type N. giraulti introgression of the region (st-318+g,mm+g) in a N. vitripennis genetic background. Recombinants between the loci were collected into two pools: st-318+g,mm and st-318,mm+g. All members of each pool were screened with PCR markers at the listed positions to determine the PCR-based proportion of individuals with each allele. Then, each pool was hybridized to the array and allele proportions were estimated for all map markers. Array-based allele proportion at each PCR marker was determined by averaging proportions for all map markers in a 100-kb window surrounding the PCR marker location. PCR, polymerase chain reaction.

  • a Because no map markers were within 100 kb, we used the 10 closest map markers centered on the position.