Table 4 Phenotypes of rpb2 mutations affecting residues important for TFIIF binding
GrowthaReporter Expression:
F322RwtNDNDNDWhiteNDNDChen et al. 2007
E328RwtNDNDNDWhiteNDNDChen et al. 2007
E368Kwt<<wt<<<White<<<<<this study (Table 2) Hekmatpanah and Young 1991 (rpb2-503)b
E368Gwtwtwt<WhiteNDNDthis studyc
E368RwtNDNDNDWhiteNDNDChen et al. 2007
G369Dwt<<wt<White<<<<Hekmatpanah and Young 1991 (rpb2-504; rpb2-505)
G369Rwt<<wt<<White<<Chen et al. 2007
G369Swt<<wt<<White<<<<Chen and Hampsey 2004 (rpb2-101)
E371RwtNDNDNDWhiteNDNDChen et al. 2007
  • ND, not determined; wt, wild type.

  • a As described for Table 1.

  • b Allele names associated with the mutations are provided following references to the articles in which they were reported.

  • c E368G was isolated with a second mutation (Table 2) and was separated from that mutation by site-directed mutagenesis. The resulting singly mutant strain was tested for phenotypes.