Table 1 Twelve environments representing combinations of diverse agronomic management (drought or full irrigation, sowing in standard, bed, or flat systems), sites in Mexico, and years for two traits, grain yield (GY) and days to heading (DTH), with their broad-sense heritability (h2) measured in 2010
Environment CodeAgronomic ManagementSite in MexicoYearTrait Measuredh2 (GY)h2 (DTH)
1Drought-bedCd. Obregon2009GY, DTH
2Drought-bedCd. Obregon2010GY, DTH0.8330.991
3Drought-flatCd. Obregon2010GY, DTH0.4650.984
4Full irrigation-bedCd. Obregon2009GY, DTH
5Full irrigation-bedCd. Obregon2010GY, DTH0.8320.086
6Heat-bedCd. Obregon2010GY0.876
7Full irrigation-flat melgaCd. Obregon2010GY0.876
9StandardEl Batan2009DTH
10Small observation plotCd. Obregon2009DTH
11Small observation plotCd. Obregon2010DTH0.950
12StandardAgua Fria2010DTH0.990