Table 1 Summary of ipl1-2 suppressor mutations
Suppressor Locus Mutant AlleleRevertant No.Mutation (S)Residue in Human Ortholog
 IPL1-R150K H352Y14,21G449A, C1054TR139 H340
 IPL1-S167L H352Y16C500T, C1054TM136 H340
 IPL1-G347E H352Y20G1040A, C1054TK335 H340
GLC7 (Type 1 protein phosphatase [PP1] catalytic subunit)
 glc7-L37F85A111T, T175AL38
 glc7-L74P39, 62, 89T746CL75
 glc7-Y92N R141K55T799A, G947AY93 R142
 glc7-S99L84T820C, C821TS100
YPI1 (Glc7/PP1 regulatory subunit)
SDS22 (Glc7/PP1 regulatory subunit)
 sds22-D2N D119N74G4A, G355AD148
 sds22-77 (C-terminal frameshift)a77ΔC1014
 sds22-E163I L329P94486AGA488GAT, T984CE192 V350
SHP1 (subunit of Cdc48/p97 AAA AATPase)
 shp1-FS99b99A insertion after 368, T370C
 shp1-FS105c105A insertion after 873, G877A
TCO89 (nonessential subunit of TOR Complex 1)
 tco89-7171four missense codons and a stop codondnot conserved
DUO1 (subunit of DAM/DASH complex)
 duo1-S115F76, 81C344Tnot conserved
NDC80 (subunit of Ndc80 complex)
  • a Frameshift at final codon (G 338 underlined) resulting in stop after 22 missense codons: …YIRG* →…YIRGDLDQEMIFFLYTHTNIYIYIYI.*

  • b Frameshift after codon 122 (underlined) resulting in stop after 15 missense codons: …GSGNN… →…GSGNKPQVYELFGYGKRSS*

  • c Frameshift after codon 291 (underlined) resulting in stop after 2 missense codons: …NVYKKLD… →…NVYKKIK*

  • d Tatchell et al. 2011.