Table 1 Summary of nucleotide polymorphism at replacement and synonymous sites
Replacement PolymorphismSynonymous Polymorphism
Population (No. Alleles)No. Sites (No. Variable)θπθWNo. Sites (No. Variable)θπθW
China (44)10035 (19)0.000370.000442910 (31)0.002160.00245
UK (14)9911 (14)0.000410.000452886 (12)0.001630.00132
All rats (58)9970 (22)0.000380.000482893 (29)0.002150.00217
M. m. castaneus (20)16512 (153)0.001990.002634784 (226)0.01120.0134
  • Included are the values for the Chinese and UK populations, as well as their combined values. Values from the orthologous sequences of 10 wild caught Mus musculus castaneus are provided for comparison.