Table 3 Some of the PcG and TrxG genes dominantly modify the phenotypes caused by varied dE2F1 and RBF1 in the Drosophila eye and wing
Mutant AllelesGMR-Gal4,UAS-dE2f1-dsRNA#10a,bptc-Gal4,UAS-dE2f1-dsRNA#3a,bAct88F-Gal4,UASdE2fa,bGMR-Gal4,UASdE2f1, UAS-dDpa,b
 Asx1Suppression (5)Suppression (1)Enhancement (1)NE
 effmer4Suppression (5)Suppression (2)NENE
 E(Pc)84DET66.1Suppression (5)Suppression (1)NENE
 esc1Suppression (4)NENDND
 esc21Suppression (5)Suppression (4)NDND
 His2AvD810Suppression (5)Suppression (2)NDEnhancement (3)
 His2AvD05146Suppression (5)Suppression (3)NDEnhancement (3)
 KisBG01657Suppression (5)Suppression (2)NENE
 Pc3Suppression (5)Suppression (5)NDEnhancement (4)
 Pcf01890Suppression (5)Suppression (2)NDEnhancement (1)
 pho1Suppression (5)Suppression (1)Enhancement (1)NE
 ScmD1Suppression (5)Suppression (4)NDND
 Su(z)21Suppression (5)Suppression (4)NDEnhancement (1)
 Su(z)21.a1Suppression (5)Suppression (5)NENE
 Su(z)21.b7Suppression (5)Suppression (3)Enhancement (1)NE
 Su(z)2k06344Suppression (5)Suppression (3)Enhancement (1)NE
 Su(z)123Suppression (5)Suppression (2)NENE
 tara1Suppression (5)Suppression (1)NDNE
 tou2Suppression (5)Suppression (2)EnhancementNE
 brm2Suppression (5)Suppression (2)NENE
 trxKG08639Suppression (5)Suppression (1)NENE
 E(Pc)w3Enhancement (4)Enhancement (3)Suppression (1)ND
 E(Pc)D4Enhancement (5)Enhancement (5)Suppression (1)ND
 Mi-2j3D4Enhancement (4)Enhancement (1)Suppression (4)NE
 Mi-2EY08138Enhancement (5)Enhancement (1)NDND
 Su(z)31Enhancement (5)Enhancement (4)Suppression (1)ND
 taraBG01673Pupal lethalEnhancement (4)LethalLethal
  • a The effects of suppression or enhancement were ranked with scores from 1 to 5, with “1” the weakest and “5” the strongest; NE, no effect; ND, not determined.

  • b These crosses were maintained at 25°.

  • c These crosses were maintained at 22-23°; see Materials and Methods for the detailed genotypes analyzed.