Table 2 puf-8(0) suppresses the Glp phenotype of a weak glp-1(ts) allele
GenotypeTemp.aGlp, %bnc
puf-8(oz192); glp-1(bn18)22°3141
puf-8(q725); glp-1(bn18)22°0.4488
puf-8(oz192); glp-1(bn18)25°9617
puf-8(q725); glp-1(bn18)25°70110
  • a Homozygous strains were used and maintained at 15° (permissive temperature) then shifted to the test restrictive temperature as L4 animals and allowed to self-fertilize. Progeny were scored 3 d later by Nomarski optics, after having grown to adulthood at the restrictive temperature.

  • b Germline proliferation defective (Glp); animals lacked a distal proliferative zone resulting in only sperm being present in the gonad arm.

  • c Number of gonad arms analyzed.