Table 1 puf-8(0) enhances the overproliferation phenotype of glp-1(gf) at 15°
GenotypeaWild-type, %bComplete Tumor, %cIncomplete Tumor, %dne
puf-8(oz192); glp-1(ar202)0100035
puf-8(q725); glp-1(ar202)0100035
puf-8(oz192); glp-1(ar202)/+g0742627
puf-8(oz192); glp-1(oz264)0100023
puf-8(q725); glp-1(oz264)098254
  • a All animals maintained at 15°. For each genotype, gonads were dissected and stained with DAPI, anti-REC-8 antibodies, and anti-HIM-3 antibodies. All animals were dissected at 1 d after the fourth larval stage.

  • b A gonad arm was scored as wild-type if no overproliferation was observed.

  • c A gonad arm with a complete tumor contained no anti-HIM-3(+) cells or fully differentiated cells. Rather, all cells were anti-REC-8(+).

  • d A gonad arm with an incomplete tumor contained extensive over-proliferation throughout the gonad arm; however, small pockets of anti-HIM-3(+) cells, or sperm, were observed.

  • e Number of dissected gonad arms analyzed.

  • f The GLP-1(oz264) protein contains a G to E amino acid substitution at amino acid 528 of the GLP-1 protein (Kerins et al. 2010).

  • g Actual genotype puf-8(oz192) unc-4(e120)/puf-8(oz192); glp-1(ar202)/+.