Table 1 Summary of the 27 smoltification-associated phenotypes measured for QTL analysis and the abbreviations assigned to them for reference throughout the text and in subsequent tables and figures
Life-history classification [binary; smolts (1), residents (0)]SMOLT
Fork length (June 2005)Length605
Fork length (September 2005)Length905
Fork length (June 2006)Length606
Weight (June 2005)Weight605
Weight (September 2005)Weight905
Weight (June 2006)Weight606
Body condition factor (June 2005)Kfact605
Body condition factor (September 2005)Kfact905
Body condition factor (June 2006)Kfact606
Instantaneous growth in fork length (June 2005–September 2005)IGRL1
Instantaneous growth in fork length (September 2005–June 2006)IGRL2
Instantaneous growth in weight (June 2005–September 2005)IGRW1
Instantaneous growth in weight (September 2005–June 2006)IGRW2
Skin reflectance (average white pixel intensity)AvgPix
Percentage weight lost during 24-hr seawater challengePWL
Blood plasma sodium concentration after 24-hr seawater challengeBPNa
Centroid sizeCentroid_Size
Relative warp 1–10RelW1-RelW10