Table 1 Quantification of supernumerary MSL staining phenotype for select genome-wide screen hits
Gene TargetedScreen Amplicon% Nuclei With Single MSL SignalNuclei ScoredP
Pr-set7DRSC1547373.2979 × 10−4
incenpDRSC2195046.5101<1 × 10−4
Betatub56DDRSC0758371.6815 × 10−4
mybDRSC2026053.976<1 × 10−4
pblDRSC1138151.380<1 × 10−4
skpADRSC1883343.367<1 × 10−4
feoDRSC1939835.939<1 × 10−4
ial-1DRSC0354856.676<1 × 10−4
pavDRSC0873031.348<1 × 10−4
  • One representative image was scored for each selected screen hit. P values are derived from χ2 tests with expected values based on control cells treated with dsRNA targeting gfp. Although the modest effect of CG31635 knockdown was not significant by this analysis, it was qualitatively scored as having a supernumerary phenotype through multiple rounds of blind screening, and its effect on pairing was confirmed by FISH analysis (see text). See Table S2 for a complete list of all 59 SN hits.