Table 1 Sources of SSR markers, numbers of markers screened, polymorphic markers, polymorphic ratio, and numbers of mapped markers and loci used for segregation analysis of the ’273-7’ × ’T17-349’ mapping population
Marker NameSourceNumber of Markers ScreenedNumber of Polymorphic MarkersPolymorphic Ratio (%)Number of Mapped MarkersbNumber of Mapped LocibAverage Number of Mapped Loci/Markerb
WCSWhite cloverEST197387444.381412001.5
RCSRed cloverEST and genomicSato et al. (2005)251830512.12824121.5
prsaWhite cloverESTBarrett et al. (2004)321856.317201.2
atsaWhite cloverGenomicBarrett et al. (2004)302790.027411.5
TRSSRaWhite cloverGenomicKölliker et al. (2001b)262284.620261.3
MTICaM. truncatulaESTJulier et al. (2003)22100.0231.0
AI, AJ, AL, AW, BE, BF, BG, BI, MTBAaM. truncatulaESTSledge et al. (2005)362877.825381.5
MT1aM. truncatulaBACSledge et al. (2005)22100.0231.5
  • a On white clover linkage map in Zhang et al. (2007).

  • b On an integrated linkage map.