Table 1  Experimental design and mapping summary
Blood-Induced Changesa
Strain3-5 Days PE, S5 hr PBM
LVPN. readsb7,576,18415,539,328
N. transcriptsc13,193 (70.33%)13,668 (72.86%)
CTMN. readsb31,975,80813,350,049
N. transcriptsc13,153 (70.11%)13,514 (72.04%)
Rex-DN. readsb11,616,15613,824,315
N. transcriptsc13,587 (72.43%)13,581 (72.39%)
  • LVP, Liverpool CTM, Chetumal; Rex-D, Rexville D-Puerto Rico; PBM, post-bloodmeal; PE, posteclosion.

  • a Blood-induced changes involved comparison between female mosquitoes 3-5 days post eclosion (PE) exclusively kept on a sugar diet (S) and blood-fed 3-5 day old females sampled 5 hPBM.

  • b Total number of reads sequenced.

  • c Total number (and percentage) of transcripts detected of the 18,760 Ae. aegypti transcripts annotated (gene build AaegL1.2).