Table 1  Assorting 84 strains of S. pombe into 40 groups with shared haplotypes at seven loci
StrainHaplotype NumberOrigin Where Known
UWOPS 92.229.41Mexico
UWOPS 94.422.22Mexico
UFMG A529, UFMG 790, UFMG A8263Brazil, Belo Horizonte and Viçosa
UFMG R416, UFMG R418, UFMG R420, UFMG R424, UFMG R4354Brazil; Aracaju
UFMG R4275Brazil; Aracaju
UFMG A12636Brazil, Viçosa
UFMG A521, UFMG A571, UFMG A6027Brazil, Belo Horizonte
UFMG A1000, UFMG A1153,8Brazil, Belo Horizonte and Salinas
UFMG R4349Brazil; Aracaju
UFMG R42810Brazil; Aracaju
UFMG A115211Brazil, Salinas
UFMG R43712Brazil; Aracaju
UFMG A73813Brazil, Belo Horizonte
NCYC 683, NCYC 2387, DBVPG4435, AWRI 44214Spain, Italy, South Australia
NCYC 936, NCYC 2355-1,15Sri Lanka, Japan
CBS 356, NCYC 132, NCYC535, DBVPG2817, DBVPG4437, AWRI 14116Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, Italy, Australia
NCYC 380, CBS 1063, DBVPG 6281, CBS 355, DBVPG 641717Sicily, Spain
DBVPG 4433, DBVPG 6279, DBVPG 6610, DBVPG 6699, Y0036, Y0037, CRUK 972, CRUK 975, Y 468, Y 469,18Germany, Indo-China, South Africa, France,
CBS 262819Pakistan
CBS 2775, CBS 2776, CBS 277720Japan (all)
CBS 568021Poland
CBS 568222South Africa
CBS 733523Spain
DBVPG 280124Tunisia
DBVPG 280525Malta
DBVPG 2804, DBVPG 2806, DBVPG 2807, DBVPG 2808, DBVPG 280926Malta (all)
DBVPG 281027Malta
DBVPG 2811, DBVPG 2812, DBVPG 2814, DBVPG 2815, DBVPG 2816, DBVPG 281828Sicily (all)
Y 831, Y 83230South Africa (both)
CBS 37431Delft
DBVPG 6447, DBVPG 644932
CBS 35833
CBS 105834Java
CBS 35735Jamaica
CBS 35236Indonesia
CBS 105737Sweden
CBS 105938Mauritius
CBS 104439
  • Each of the 84 strains in the original collection was sequenced using conventional Sanger methodology at seven individual loci as described in the text and in File S1. Strains were grouped according to 40 compound haplotypes. For the details of the sequences of the individual loci and the haplotype structures, see File S1.