Table 1  N. furzeri displays the shortest maturation time, lifespan, and life cycle among fish models
SpeciesTime to HatchingSexual MaturationLifespanLife Cycle
Zebrafisha2–3 days60–75 days3–5 years60–75 days
Medakab∼9 days60–75 days3–5 years70–80 days
Sticklebackc∼8 days60 days to 6 months3–5 years68 days to 6 months
N. furzeri12–18 daysd25–30 days0.25–0.75 years≥37 days
  • Cross-species comparison of life history traits under controlled laboratory conditions.

  • a Westerfield (2000).

  • b Egami and Etoh (1969); Iwamatsu (2004); Takeda and Shimada (2010).

  • c Swarup (1958); Wootton (1984).

  • d In embryos that do not enter diapause.