Table 6  Completely sequenced pIB485-like S. aureus plasmids
PlasmidPercentage Identity to SAP012AaStrain SourceYear IsolatedLocation
SAP012AHuman clinical1995Georgia, United States
SAP048A99.97Human clinical2006Nebraska, United States
SAP074A99.90CA infection1999Oxford, United Kingdom
pWBG74499.96Screening2001Western Australia
pSK6799.30Human clinical1949Melbourne, Australia
SAP060A84.29 (99.97)bNot from infectionPre-1960United States
  • CA, community-acquired.

  • a Mismatches and gaps were determined by ClustalW alignment. Gaps were considered mismatches in calculating percentage identity.

  • b Percentage identity to SAP012A without ΔTn552.