Table 7  Completely sequenced pMW2-like S. aureus plasmids
PlasmidPercentage Identity to pMW2aStrain SourceYearLocationReferenceb
pMW2Human clinical1998North Dakota, United StatesBaba et al. 2002
pSAS99.93Human clinical1998United KingdomHolden et al. 2004
SAP053A99.87Human clinical2007Nebraska, United StatesThis work
SAP072A99.99Animal clinical2004United KingdomThis work
SAP073A99.58CA infection1999Oxford, United KingdomThis work
pWBG75099.96CA infection1995Western AustraliaThis work
pWBG75799.54Screening1995Western AustraliaThis work
pWBG76399.58Screening1995Western AustraliaThis work
  • CA, community-acquired.

  • a Mismatches and gaps were determined by ClustalW alignment. Gaps were considered mismatches in calculating percentage identity.

  • b See Table S2 for accession numbers of newly sequenced plasmids. Previously sequenced plasmids are pMW2, NC_005011; pSAS, NC_005951; and p21, NC_002517.