Table 3  Association results of the top 10 SNPs based on results of overall population, ranked by P values
Effect Allele Frequency
European AncestryaAfrican AncestryaCombined
SNPChrPositionbImpcEffect/Noneffect AlleledCaseControlPCaseControlPOR (95% CI)ePClosest Genef
rs23045562153182040NoG/T0.280.367.7E-040.400.481.5E-030.69 (0.60, 0.79)1.2E-07FMNL2 (intron)
rs19867432153295145NoA/G0.300.382.1E-040.310.376.1E-030.69 (0.60, 0.79)2.7E-07ARL6IP6 (intron)
rs39092631371753222YesC/G0.260.311.4E-020.350.462.9E-060.68 (0.59, 0.79)7.3E-07DACH1 (413.9 kb)
rs11468491371770207NoA/G0.240.292.2E-020.360.473.3E-060.7 (0.61, 0.81)1.7E-06DACH1 (430.9 kb)
rs17366217561530870NoT/C0.080.115.5E- (0.5, 0.75)2.0E-06KIF2A (147.8 kb)
rs87901220957788YesC/T0.380.291.7E-050.480.412.3E-021.43 (1.23, 1.65)2.2E-06RSPO4 (26.9 kb)
rs9465922620973576NoC/A0.030.074.9E- (0.45, 0.72)2.3E-06CDKAL1 (intron)
rs2605877874309320NoA/G0.370.275.8E-060.370.324.0E-021.41 (1.22, 1.64)3.0E-06RPL7 (56.1 kb)
rs168348101235325422YesA/G0.010.033.4E- (0.18, 0.5)3.3E-06RYR2 (intron)
rs960436513111625198NoG/A0.060.055.0E-010.520.398.1E-071.54 (1.28, 1.86)3.9E-06SOX1 (144.7 kb)
  • Abbreviations: Chr, chromosome; CI, confidence interval; Imp, Imputation; OR, odds ratio; P, association P value.

  • a European ancestry and African ancestry are defined based on multidimensional scaling (MDS) analysis.

  • b Physical position is based on National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) build 36.

  • c Flag indicating whether the SNP was imputed (Yes) or directly genotyped (No). The total number of individuals in the combined analysis is 1816 for directly genotyped SNPs and 1679 for imputed SNPs.

  • d Polymorphism is reported based on genome assembly plus strand.

  • e Odds ratio per copy of effect allele.

  • f The closest gene to the SNP and the location/distance of the SNP to the gene.