Table 1  GO term analysis of RAD52-like genes in this study
Macromolecular complex termsGenes annotated to the term
Ribonucleoprotein complexCKB1, EAP1,MRPL36, MTC1, NOP12, RPL21B, RPL35B, RPS11B, RPS16A, RPS18B, RPS4A, TEF4, TMA19
RibosomeMRPL36, MTC1, RPL21B, RPL35B, RPS11B, RPS16A, RPS18B, RPS4A, TEF4, TMA19
Chromatin remodeling complexARP6, HDA1, NHP10, SDS3, SIN3, SWD1, SWD3
Ubiquitin ligase complexDIA2, MMS1, MMS22, NPL4, SLX5, SLX8, UBX2
PreribosomeCKB1, NOP12, RPL35B, RPS11B, RPS16A, RPS4A
SNARE complexGOS1, TLG2, VAM3, VAM7
Elongator holoenzyme complexELP2, ELP3, ELP4, ELP6
Histone deacetylase complexHDA1, SDS3, SIN3
MicrotubuleCIK1, KAR3, SHE1
Chromatin assembly complexASF1, CAC2, HTZ1
Histone acetyltransferase complexSGF11, SGF29, SGF73
Ctf18 RFC-like complexCTF18, CTF8, DCC1
MRX complexMRE11, RAD50, XRS2
DUBm complexSGF11, SGF73
Rhp55-Rhp57 complexRAD55, RAD57
GSE complexGTR1, MEH1
Rpd3L complexSDS3, SIN3
Replication fork protection complexCTF4, MRC1
HOPS complexVAM6, VPS41
Set1C/COMPASS complexSWD1, SWD3
Mediator complexMED1, SOH1
Vesicle coatLST4, SEC28