Table 2  Genome assembly summary statistics, before and after manual ordering of scaffolds
Unordered Assembly (Scaffolds)Ordered Assembly (Ultra-scaffolds)Percentage of Assemblya
S. bayanus (CBS 7001)629 (147)11,668,028444,5513801611,467,582905,55539498.3%
S. kudriavzevii (IFO 1802T)1455 (226)11,736,856151,185171611,294,830882,33711196.2%
S. kudriavzevii (ZP 591)1523 (164)11,642,553100,201101611,185,947882,20316296.2%
S. mikatae (IFO 1815T)1220 (159)11,922,798360,232181611,445,471800,8235296.0%
  • Numbers in parentheses indicate scaffolds longer than 500 bp.

  • a Percentage of base pairs in the unordered assembly that are also present in the ordered assembly. Neither contigs with an average Kmer coverage less than 20 nor gaps in scaffolds (i.e., N bases) were counted toward assembly statistics.