Table 3  Counts of annotated tRNA and protein-coding genes across representative strains of five Saccharomyces species
tRNAsProtein-Coding Genes (by Homology)aTotal
S. cerevisiae2755490881336679
S. paradoxus2735440745466504
S. mikatae2915454510516306
S. kudriavzevii2805450409486187
S. bayanus2795559432486318
  • S. kudriavzevii is represented by IFO 1802T.

  • a Protein-coding gene counts are subdivided by homology to families in the Yeast Gene Order Browser (YGOB) (Byrne and Wolfe 2005), genes annotated in the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) (Engel et al. 2010), or other protein databases (Other) (see Materials and Methods).

  • b Each column shows the number of genes for which syntenic orthologs were detected in all five species.