Table 1 Reduction of pph-5 by RNAi-mediated knockdown results in improved hatching
sep-1pph-5pph-5 (RNAi)No RNAi
Total Embryo% Hatching% Hatching
erb13 (Y65*)32388.979.4
erb58 (I32N)25598.073.3
erb47 (Y52H)23573.570.4
erb51 (G66E)58977.175.7
erb44 (L77P)22695.160.2
erb54 (S105F)29833.926.3
erb30 (M211K)11394.792.9
erb46 (H243R)21585.179.8
erb45 (G244E)60478.378.9
erb31 (D270A)32094.792.8
erb57 (D270N)4349773.4
erb48 (M285R)32591.165.6
erb63 (R300C)32275.539.6
erb21 (N309K)35195.453.4
erb59 (M311R)37865.558.6
erb42 (Y322I)27079.351.1
erb72 (H351R)16377.613.1
erb68 (S397P)29227.328.2
erb33 (W413G)38684.560.8
erb38 (C414Y)25576.567.7
erb28 (H426Q)39995.279.3
erb22 (C441Y)37479.178.1
erb65 (T443I)39984.457.7
erb40 (P448L)10974.368.4
erb52 (G458E)28278.061.3
  • RNAi knockdown of pph-5 by feeding results in improved hatching efficiency in worms carrying pph-5 mutations that suppress sep-1(e2406) lethality at the restrictive temperature of 20°. RNAi, RNA interference; WT, wild-type.