Table 2 RNAi-mediated knockdown of pph-5 in hsp-90(erb71) worms
StrainTotal Embryos% Hatching
N2, pph-5(RNAi)35297.8
sep-1(e2406); pph-5(RNAi)34071.1
sep-1(e2406); hsp-90(erb71)18130.9
sep-1(e2406); hsp-90(erb71); pph-5(RNAi)15792.9
hsp-90(erb71); pph-5(RNAi)18686.5
  • The genetic interaction between pph-5 and hsp-90 was investigated by using RNAi-mediated knockdown of pph-5. Reduction of PPH-5 in a worm carrying a sep-1(e2406)-rescuing hsp-90 mutation results in reduced embryonic lethality at the restrictive temperature (20°). However, pph-5(RNAi) has little effect on the embryonic lethality of hsp-90(erb71). RNAi, RNA interference.