Table 1 Overview of factors with their corresponding levels analyzed in this study
TypeFactorModel ParameterNumber of Factor LevelsFactor Levels
Fixed factorsAncestral population2Elite, Landrace
Pedigree relationship between training and predicted family3FSF, HSF, URF
Data used to calculate the relationship matrix2QTL, SNPs
Sample size (Embedded Image)325, 100, 250
Heritability (Embedded Image)30.3, 0.6, 1
Random factorsTraitEmbedded Image50
Predicted family (BPFpred)Embedded Image50
Training family (BPFtrain)Embedded ImageEmbedded Image (FSF), Embedded Image (HSF/URF)
Training set sampleEmbedded Image3
  • Default values for the standard scenario are indicated in boldface.