Table 4 Average synonymous (dS) and nonsynonymous (dN) substitutions per site and dN/dS ratios for genes located inside (IR) or outside (CR) the fixed inverted region in Muller elements A and E in D. arizonae (ar), D. mojavensis (mo), and D. navojoa (na)
Muller A
 Genes in IR346387387346387387346387387
 Genes in CR666760759666760759666760759
 Median for IR0.0050.0160.0160.0490.1490.1490.1080.1100.118
 Median for CR0.0040.0140.0140.0480.1490.1480.1090.1040.108
Muller E
 Genes in IR859930946859930946859930946
 Genes in CR277310312277310312277310312
 Median for IR0.0050.0120.0120.06160.14870.1480.0980.090.092
 Median for CR0.0050.0130.0140.05610.16280.16140.1030.0920.088
  • a Significantly different (P < 0.05).