Table 2 Homeologous chromosome arm pairs identified in coho salmon and the number of marker pairs supporting the homeologous relationship
Homeology in Coho SalmonNumber of Marker Pairs Supporting Homeolog PairingsHomeology in Chinook Salmon (Brieuc et al. 2014)Homeology in Rainbow Trout (Phillips et al. 2006)Homeology in Atlantic Salmon (Lien et al. 2011)Known Phylogenetic Placement of Metacentric Arrangement
Co03b–Co08b15Ots04q–Ots12qOmy06q–Omy26Ssa26–Ssa11qaB, C
  • Corresponding known homeologous relationships in Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, and Atlantic salmon are shown. The final column designates known conservation of metacentric chromosome with high frequency of duplicated markers. Letter corresponds to phylogenetic placement in Figure 5.

  • * Possible earlier chromosomal arrangement (A) and subsequent rearrangement.

  • Homeologous relationships with little or no support in Atlantic salmon (Lien et al. 2011).

  • We have corrected the homeologous relationship between Omy17q and Omy13p; evidence suggests that this relationship was incorrectly reported as being between Omy17p and Omy13p in previous studies.