Table 4 Suppression of the l(1)v231 lethal phenotype by different amounts of the second chromosome heterochromatin
Second Chromosome Heterochromatic Free DuplicationsMale Progeny
l(1)v231/0; Dp(2)*y+bywf/0; Dp(2)*y+χ2P-valuer.m.v.%a
Dp(2) e51101391170.93< 0.00125.8
Dp(2) e5822141358.15< 0.00153.5
Dp(2) e9732656363.18< 0.00157.9
  • The results are of crosses of heterozygous l(1)v231/ywf females for males carrying the attached-XY chromosome, YsX.YL, In(1)EN yB and the indicated heterochromatic free duplication of the second chromosome.

  • a The suppression effect is expressed as relative male viability (%) = Embedded Image

  • b Dp(2)*y+ = second chromosome heterochromatic free duplications.