Table 1 Types of duplicated loci encountered in this study, expected segregation ratio per paralog, and expected segregation ratio when both paralogs are analyzed as a single locus, which is the case in this study
Parental GenotypeSegregation Ratio Expected for Each Paralog in a Haploid CrossSegregation Ratio Expected in the Offspring for a HaploidMarker(s) Mapped in This Study
Paralog 1Paralog 2Paralog 1Paralog 2
aabball aall ball abNone
abab0.5 a; 0.5 b0.5 a; 0.5 b0.25 aa; 0.5 ab; 0.25 bbNone
aaaball a0.5 a; 0.5 b0.5 aa; 0.5 abParalog 2
aabcall a0.5 b; 0.5 c0.5 ab; 0.5acParalog 2
abac0.5 a; 0.5 b0.5 a; 0.5 c0.25 aa; 0.25 ac; 0.25 ab; 0.25 bcParalogs 1 and 2
abcd0.5 a; 0.5 b0.5 c; 0.5 d0.25 ac; 0.25 ad; 0.25 bc; 0.25 bdParalogs 1 and 2
  • The type of duplicated marker was inferred from the observed segregation ratio and the alleles observed in the offspring generation.