Table 2 Courtship latency is affected by male and female genotype
SourcedfSum of SquaresMean SquareF-RatioP-Value
Model106282.4802.7693.006< 0.0001
Male genotype9160.58417.84319.436< 0.0001
Female genotype940.8554.5404.945< 0.0001
Male age42.1220.5300.5780.679
Female age30.7930.2640.2880.834
Male × female genotype8176.3710.9431.0270.416
  • A model explaining courtship latency was built that included sex-specific genetic effects, and age effects. Both male and female genotypes contribute to variation in courtship latency, demonstrating genetic variation in male courtship propensity and female precopulatory attractiveness.