Table 1 Copulation latency is affected by male and female genotype, as well as the interaction between genotypes
SourcedfLikelihood Ratio χ2P-Value
Male genotype971.644<0.0001
Female genotype9337.892<0.0001
Male age45.8920.207
Female age318.8930.0003
Male × female genotype81140.248<0.0001
Courtship latency10.0040.9489
  • A model explaining copulation latency was built that included sex-specific genetic effects, age effects, and the effect of courtship latency. Genetic variation exists for both males and females for precopulatory attractiveness (males) and precopulatory preferences (females). The significant interaction indicates that combinations of genotypes contribute to variation in copulation latency as the result of different rank-ordering of males by females.