Table 3 Copulation duration is influenced by male and female genotype
SourcedfSum of SquaresMean SquareF-RatioP-Value
Model10828.6500.2652.178< 0.0001
Male genotype98.3300.9267.599< 0.0001
Female genotype93.7110.4123.3850.0004
Male age40.9900.2482.0320.0880
Female age31.4370.4793.9310.0084
Male × female genotype818.6170.1060.8730.777
Courtship latency14.9024.90240.239< 0.0001
Copulation latency10.5610.5614.6080.0321
  • We built a model to explain variation in copulation duration due to sex-specific genetic effects, age effects, courtship latency, and copulation latency. Genetic variation exists for female postcopulatory attractiveness and male copulatory duration, but we see no evidence for a male genotype × female genotype interaction.