Table 1 NHEJ mutagenesis with TALENs and ZFNs
NucleasesLinker (aa)ParentsYieldersMutantsMutants/Parent
ryT123122023 (10%)930.42
637121 (30%)6859.65
ryT223139613 (3%)430.11
63885 (6%)881.00
yT123119414 (7%)1030.53
638139 (48%)132916.41
ryAB ZFNs413329 (22%)6324.75
  • TALENs for the ry and y genes are named as in Figure 1 and in the text. Two different lengths (in amino acids) of linker between the binding and cleavage domains were used for each TALEN pair. The Parents column shows the number of injected flies that were crossed to assess mutagenesis, and those that produced mutant offspring are shown as Yielders, with the percent of all parents they represent. The total number of mutants and the calculated number of mutants per parent are given. Results of an experiment done in parallel using the ryAB ZFNs are presented in the bottom line for comparison. NHEJ, nonhomologous end joining; TALEN, transcription activator-like effector nucleases; ZFNs, zinc-finger nucleases.