Table 1 

Number of generations to 100% fixation (fully inbred), 99% fixation, and number of segments for different breeding schemes

Breeding SchemeAverage Generations to FixationSD Gens to FixationAverage Generations to 99% FixationSD Gens to 99% FixationAverage No. SegmentsSD, No. Segments
Eight-way random sib-pairs38.217.1025.723.16145.1212.48
Alternating backcross33.455.8823.453.11141.2112.07
Father−daughter backcross37.067.5524.703.54142.3912.24
Marker-selected advanced intercross23.543.8218.450.88155.6312.53
  • SD, standard deviation; MAI, marker-assisted inbreeding.